Talaria at Burbank


Construction Clean of 241-Unit Multifamily Residential Space

Burbank, CA
241 Units

Tycho was chosen to complete the construction cleaning on this unique, multi-family residential space constructed atop a Whole Foods Market. Our crew consisted of 20 skilled construction cleaners and window washers, who worked on interior and exterior cleaning tasks to complete this job, including:

  • Power washing the upper building exterior
  • Removing debris behind the build
  • Power sweeping the perimeter
  • Power sweeping the parking lot
  • Washing windows, interior and exterior
  • Completing a rough clean and a final clean
  • Deep cleaning each of the 241 residential units

Tycho helped with cleaning up debris behind the build to keep the project timeline on track and to make sure our cleaning process was smooth and thorough. On this job, our cleaning process was two-fold, consisting of a rough clean alongside the construction crew and then a final clean to make sure the building and all the units were spotless and ready for move-in.

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