Deluxe Lab


Construction Clean 3-Story Multi-Purpose and Creative Office Space

Hollywood, CA
3 Story

Tycho won the contract for the post construction clean of this 3-story, multi-purpose, creative office space addition. Over the course of a month, our crew of construction cleaners and window washers completed this job, comprising both interior and exterior work, including:

  • Power washing the exterior of office buildings
  • Power sweeping walkways
  • Window washing all exterior glass
  • Cleaning carpets and flooring inside the building
  • Dusting and scrubbing cabinets

In addition to cleaning the interior and exterior of this building, floor to ceiling, Tycho also demonstrated an important combination of skill and finesse while cleaning and washing the exterior windows. The exterior glass on this project was not only curved, but angled downward, so it required our keen attention and skilled use of the proper lifts to safely clean this glass to a sheen. There was also custom intricate glass work inside the building that we cleaned and polished to perfection.

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