2300 Empire


Post Construction Clean - 364,000 SF Office and Large Parking Structure

Burbank, CA
364,000 sf

2300 Empire, a creative office space with a large parking structure, was Tycho’s first post construction cleaning contract with McCormick back in 2009. Over the course of just 3-4 weeks, a crew of 10-12 post construction cleaners and window washers worked to complete this job, which included:

  • Power washing the exterior of office buildings
  • Power sweeping walkways
  • Window washing (all exterior glass)
  • Power sweeping, power washing, and prepping the parking structure for painting and striping

Tycho also worked on interior cleaning on this job to ensure all the construction dust was removed from the floors and piping. The flooring in the lobby of the building required expert-level post construction cleaning skills because it was made of stone. Tycho knows how to clean expensive, sensitive materials, without causing any damage to them, and on this job, we polished blemishes from the stone floor and cleaned it to a beautiful sheen with no damages to the stonework.

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