Citrus Tower Office Building


Construction Clean of a 132,000 Sq. Ft. Office Complex and Subterranean Parking Structure

Riverside, CA
132,000 Sq. Ft.

Tycho was selected as the post construction cleaning job on this large office building and massive parking structure in Riverside, CA. In just 3-4 weeks, our crew of 10-15 skilled post construction cleaners and window washers worked to make this beautiful building immaculate and completed the job by:

  • Cleaning the building shells, floor to ceiling
  • Pressure washing the roof system
  • Polishing the floors
  • Cleaning the stainless steel lobby
  • Cleaning the interior elevator shafts
  • Cleaning lights and removing all the construction dust from the interior
  • Power sweeping and power washing the parking structure
  • Washing windows on all office buildings and parking structure

Tycho also worked on interior cleaning on this job to ensure all the construction dust was removed from the floors, piping, and elevator shafts. The lobby of this building was stainless steel, which required the finesse we’re known for by respecting materials and knowing how to get them clean without damages and scratches. Our crew also demonstrated great skill to thoroughly and safety to clean this building’s rounded windows.

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