As your facility is constructed or undergoes a remodel, there are many moving pieces that must be coordinated sequentially for the project to successfully complete (without sacrificing safety or quality) by its deadline. Tycho Services Construction clean team works closely with your team to coordinate excellent site-cleanings pre, during, and post construction.

Tycho Services trains all employees in the importance and use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Occupational Safety (OSHA Standards). Our experience, training and unique cleaning systems have proven to be superior and more efficient on the construction job-site. This is just what we do.

Commercial Construction Cleaning


Tycho Services is fully licensed General Contractor that provides specialty commercial construction cleaning services for job sites and delivers excellent cleaning services both during the construction phase and post-construction.

Residential Construction Cleaning


Tycho serves the Greater LA area with post construction residential cleaning services that make every aspect of a new home stand out and shine. Our highly trained and licensed cleaning teams pay attention to every small detail in a new home, floor to ceiling.

Post-Construction: The Transfer Clean

Upon completion of your construction project, your facility will require one final deep clean before the facility is safe and clean enough to reflect your company’s image. Let us handle the details, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Recent Construction Cleaning Projects

Citrus Tower Office Building

Riverside, CA
132,000 Sq. Ft.

Construction Clean of Office Complex and Parking Structure

Le Grande Passage

Beverly Hills, CA
Shopping Center

Post Construction Clean of a Large Shopping Center

Los Angeles Kings Training Facility

El Segundo, CA
15,000 SF

Post Construction Clean of Athletic Training Facility

Talaria at Burbank

Burbank, CA
241 Units

Construction Clean of 241-Unit, Multifamily Residential Space

AFM Local 47

Burbank, CA
24,000 Sq. Ft

Construction Clean of a 24,000 Sq. Ft. Office Building

Deluxe Lab

Hollywood, CA
3 Story

Construction Clean of a 3-Story, Multi-Purpose and Creative Office Space Addition

2300 Empire

Burbank, CA
364,000 sf

Post Construction Clean of a 364,000 SF Office and Large Parking Structure

Santa Monica Gateway

Santa Monica, CA
200,000 sf

Construction clean of a 200,000 SF Office, including 2 buildings and a 4-story, subterranean parking structure

Element LA

Los Angeles, CA
300,000 sf

Post Construction Clean of Five office buildings, spread over 12 acres, totaling over 300,000 square feet.

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