What You Should Know about Post Construction Cleaning Rates

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Post construction cleaning is an important part of any construction project or remodel job, particularly on large commercial properties. When the construction or renovation phase of a project is finished, the post-construction cleaning services begins to bring the building into the pristine condition that the owners, tenants, and businesses using the building will expect.

Post construction cleaning is an intricate process that typically takes place over the span of several weeks and involves planning, flexibility, and expertise to do the job right. When you’re looking into post construction cleaning companies, you’ll of course be interested in the rates and pricing on the job, so you can build it into your overall budget.

Cleaning a post construction site is a unique process with many variables, and these are the things you should know about the associated rates.

In post construction cleaning, there’s no such thing as a “flat rate.”

Each post construction cleaning project is unique and highly customized and is priced accordingly. This means that you won’t usually get a general price range from a reputable post-construction company. Instead you can receive customized quotes or bids that are based on a post construction company carefully going over the building materials, cleaning requirements, project timeline, and other unique characteristics of the job. Every building has its own unique personality and needs its own personalized cleaning program and strategy. This means pricing is also as unique as your building itself.

Complexities of a post construction cleaning job help determine the price.

Post construction cleaning rates will be impacted by the different complexities of a building. Variables such as cleaning at heights, respecting sensitive materials, and the size of the cleaning project will all factor into the pricing on your project.

The price on a post construction cleaning job should reflect quality and expectations, not what it takes to simply win a bid.

Tycho Services is your full-service facilities partner, with years of experience in commercial cleaning. We fully understand the construction industry and the post-construction cleaning business, so we know how to account for different variables and price a job for high quality cleaning work. We have utmost respect for different (and often sensitive) materials used in creating a beautiful building and know exactly how to clean materials while protecting their integrity (while adhering to safety protocols in the process).

Get started on your customized post construction cleaning quote today! Have questions? Contact a construction cleaning expert in Los Angeles at (818) 208-1145 or in Orange County at (949) 264-8920.



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