What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

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During the construction or renovation process of a building, materials on the exterior and interior of the structure will gather dust. Glass windows may be smudged when they’re installed, and fixtures and pipework need a deep clean before the building is ready for tenants or a business to move in and begin using the building.

Post construction cleaning is an important phase of cleaning and finishing work that takes place before a newly constructed or freshly renovated building is handed over from the contractor to the owner. In a post construction clean, a team of skilled, trained professionals works to clean the finished building from floor to ceiling to remove all the dust and debris created in the construction phase and ensure the interior and exterior of the building is pristine and ready for use.

Post construction cleaning is a service offered on large, commercial buildings, such as:

  • Office Complexes
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • University Campuses

During a post construction cleaning, the exterior façade of the building is cleaned, polished, or washed thoroughly, including:

  • Cleaning the building shells, floor to ceiling
  • Pressure washing all exterior walkways
  • Pressure washing the roof system
  • Power sweeping and power washing parking structures
  • Washing windows on all buildings and parking structures
  • Power sweeping, power washing, and prepping parking structures for painting and striping

The interior of a building may also be included in a post construction clean, and will involve:

  • Dusting and cleaning all the pipework
  • Cleaning vents and HVAC systems
  • Cleaning and polishing fixtures and interior structures, from lights and décor to cabinets and surfaces
  • Deep cleaning office spaces, apartments, or cubicles
  • Cleaning the carpets or flooring inside the building

Post construction cleaning transforms a construction site into a pristine, polished building ready for use, which is a process that can take professional teams several weeks to finish completely.

Tycho Services is your full-service facilities partner. We understand the construction industry and our team includes general contractors who work alongside the construction cleaning teams to advise on materials and timelines.  We have utmost respect for different (and often sensitive) materials used in creating a beautiful building and know exactly how to clean materials while protecting their integrity.

Request a quote for your post construction cleaning today! Have questions? Contact the construction cleaning experts at Tycho Services in Los Angeles at (818) 208-1145 or in Orange County at (949) 264-8920.

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