Five Reasons Why Construction Cleaning is Different From Typical Janitorial Cleaning Services

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When your construction crew finishes work on your building, you need a team of experts to come in and deep clean the property. Post construction cleaning is entirely different from typical janitorial services. Make sure you hire a construction cleaning company that knows what they are doing and has a strong track record of success when it comes to the construction industry.

These are the top five reasons why construction cleaning is different from typical janitorial services.

#1 – Timing: Construction Cleaning Needs to Be Quick and on schedule

When we clean a building or complex for a property manager on a regular janitorial basis, we have a set schedule and set daily task. We know when we are needed on the property and there is more of a routine. With Construction cleaning there are a multiple of variables that come into play with each project and never one project has the same needs. It is important to know the industry and to be able coordinate cleaning task alongside the different trades as everyone is counting on each other in order to move on to the next steps of completion.

Being able to set and understand the construction time-line schedule is important. When the crews are working together we can coordinate better timing which gives the owner and property manager a sense of security that their project will be completed by the date that is promised. We understand that the building owner and property managers also have deadlines that they have promised to their new potential tenants or with the current ones to occupy the new space.

#2 – Knowledge: How to Clean Construction Sites

Tycho has a general construction licenses Class “B” and Class “A” which gives our employees a detailed understanding of what happens on a construction site. We know what it takes to build the project and what is needed to clean it without damaging any of the finishes. Being able to understand the complete construction process from start to finish gives our employees a unique advantage. We know how to take care of every little detail while we move through the project.

Our employees know what they are doing and are experienced in cleaning high rise exterior facades, parking structures, plumbing and mechanical rooms, cleaning inside cabinets, washing walls, cleaning appliances and cleaning lofty lighting fixtures which are all part of the construction cleaning process.

Tycho’s general contractor licenses gives us the complete knowledge to pay attention to all of the little details for a perfectly cleaned space.

#3 – Supplies & Equipment: We Clean Different Materials with the right Solutions and equipment.

Construction cleaning not only requires a different skill set than janitorial services, but it also requires different supplies and equipment knowledge to be able to address removing different types of construction materials from finished surfaces. A lot of these finishes are sensitive and some are hard to reach, our employee are skilled with removing glues, sealants, stains, track marks, and chunks left behind on walls, floors, ceilings, windows, appliances, and furnishings. We are also trained in operation of scissor and boom lifts to clean the hard to reach areas.

#4 – Image: How Does Your Property Look

New and prospective tenants want to see a clean, beautiful property that looks like a wonderful place to live or work. Construction cleaning services focus on deep cleaning and restoring properties after construction. Tycho’s construction cleaning services brings in the fresh eyes to determine the best way to clean the property after other service providers have finished with their work.

Tycho employees review the building and make sure that every area is thoroughly cleaned. From washing walls to window cleaning and removing all the residual substances. This service creates a beautiful, clean, and aesthetically pleasing space for new tenants.

#5 – Insurance & Certifications: Extra Liability is Needed

When you hire a cleaning service for your construction project, you need to hire a company who is properly insured and certified. With construction cleaning, extra liability is needed. Tycho is insured with the highest liability options to protect our employees. Our employees also carry the industry’s highest certifications. We know how to deep clean construction sites and provide our clients with a welcoming, safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing space.

For more information on construction cleaning services and pricing, please contact Tycho Services at 818-208-1443. We would love to help you with your construction cleaning needs.

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