6 Things to Know about Post Renovation Cleaning

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Once the construction and remodeling work is finished on a renovation project, the building (along with any parking structures) needs a thorough post renovation cleaning. This final phase of a renovation project is important because it takes a construction site and transforms it into a finished, polished, and useable space.

There are the 6 things you should know about renovation cleaning to ensure that your remodel is truly complete.

1. Post Renovation Cleaning Is a Floor-to-Ceiling Process

A proper post renovation cleaning will include sweeping, dusting, and washing all the elements of a finished remodel (interior or exterior), such as:

  • Power washing the exterior of the building
  • Washing all the windows
  • Power sweeping and power washing parking lots and walkways
  • Power sweeping any parking structures
  • Dusting and cleaning pipes and ductwork
  • Cleaning flooring or carpeting
  • Cleaning fixtures (lights and décor)
  • Deep cleaning office spaces, apartments, or cubicles

2. Know the Specs of the Materials Being Cleaned

When you remodel a building, you’ll be updating many of the features of that structure and upgrading to better materials in your flooring, fixtures, and décor. Investing in upgrades is a great way to revive a building and increase its appeal and value, but many of the materials you’ve used in the renovation may require special cleaning processes to maintain the integrity of the material while making it spotless.

You post-renovation cleaning team should have a vast understanding of the materials being cleaned. Using a cleaning team who knows the specs of your upgraded materials will ensure that no damage is done in the cleaning process.

3. Using Proper Cleaning Materials Is Vital

Using the right cleaning materials is also an important aspect of post renovation cleaning. The cleaning solutions, towels, and equipment must all be specific to the job and safe for the materials being cleaned. Using the wrong cleaning equipment can jeopardize the integrity of materials or create unsafe situations during a post renovation clean.

4. Safety Is of Utmost Importance in a Post-Renovation Cleaning Job

Safety is vital in a post renovation cleaning job. The team cleaning the building, floor to ceiling, will often need to use ladders or lifts to reach windows or high fixtures so using proper safety equipment (such as safety vests, hardhats, and steel-toe work boots) and adhering to safety protocols on a cleaning job is a must.

5. Project Timing and Planning Is Crucial

A post-renovation cleaning company must be able to coordinate project timing with contractors and work with many moving pieces and teams in a project to ensure that the cleaning work is both complete and well-planned around the construction schedule and timeline of completion. The best post renovation cleaning companies are knowledgeable about how project timelines work for renovations and need to be flexible in their work schedule with a team player attitude.

6. The Details Are in the Last 5%

An important element of a post-renovation clean is thoroughly addressing and cleaning a building floor-to-ceiling, including the areas that you can’t see, such as:

Tycho Services is your full-service facilities partner, and our team includes general contractors who work alongside the construction cleaning teams to advise on materials and timelines during a post-renovation cleaning job.

Request a quote for you post-renovation cleaning today! Looking for post renovation cleaning in Los Angeles? Contact the experts at Tycho Services in Los Angeles at (818) 208-1145 or in Orange County at (949) 264-8920.


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